"New Holland" is waiting for the new competition (St.-Petersburg)

Those monuments of architecture which have been remained in territory of "New Holland" will be saved, and new building will be correct. As the correspondent of news agency REGNUM informs,
Chief architect Jury Miturev has declared this today on April, 29th on press conference in St.-Petersburg.
Also Miturev informed that the new competition will be announced in 2010 to find the customer who will be engaged in "New Holland" project.
Critic Boris Kirikov has noted at today's press conference: "Present situation with "New Holland" causes regret - errors have been made in definition of subjects of protection, historical monuments were considered separately from architecture monuments. As a result, the part of the important historical objects has been lost. It is necessary to protect all objects in the centre of St.-Petersburg - we don't have places which don't have its interesting and worthy history preservation".
Let's remind, island "New Holland" is unique man-made island in delta of Neva, they say the name was given by Peter the First. Complex was occupied with Services of the Baltic fleet till December 2004. all objects occupied with military objects have been transferred to the city on 12th of December , 2004, and the city authorities declared that the "New Holland" ensemble will be exposed on competition on the best architectural decision and the best project of use of premises of the complex.
The great fire happened in "New Holland" On 24th of December, 2004, which destroyed part of structures. The fire seriously harmed the historical island: the majority of constructions of "New Holland" was in a sad state. The project of British architect Norman Foster, providing trading and business building and also building of the socially-business complex including the Palace of festivals won the competition arranged by the city authorities.
In March, 2007 this project became the winner in category "Commercial and entertaining real estate" at exhibition of real estate MIPIM in Cannes. Jury Mitjurev's Architect's office was the local designer.
Today, on April, 29th, in St.-Petersburg the book of the historian Tatyana Solovevoj "New Holland and its environment" has been presented in which the detailed history of man-made island and its environment on quay of the river Moyka and the Admiralty channel and also the offers of using of the island are given.