Deputies asks the governor save archival funds of Trust GRII

Deputies of Urban parliament offer the governor think once more about privatization of St. Petersburg state unitary enterprise "trust of geodetic works and engineering searches" (Trust GRII). Particularly they worry about the unique archive database, created by Trust GRII. They made the appropriate inquiry to the governor Valentina Matvienko on 12th of May. The doc was prepared by Aleksey Kovalev informed reporter of "kvadrat.ru". Kovalev notes in his inquiry that the decision about privatization was made in 2009 and remained about the history of Trust organization, which appeared in 1944 on the basis of planning and searching department of Lengorispolkom architectural-planning administration for participation in the system decision of town-planning problems by making of engineering researches.
All this time the Trust was engaged in updating of topographical city maps and it had created topographical basis for continuous gasification and central heating of new territories development and large-panel construction. Also researches for designing and building of underground vestibules and other objects were made.
In 1992 on the basis of Trust the specialized expert base centre on the engineering researches in the building was accredited. Kovalev notes, the main value of the State Unitary Enterprise are the archival funds consisting of reports on engineering geological engineering researches which by-turn are basis for territorial planning and architectural and construction design.
«It is well-known that designers at the Initial stage of the design frequently use results of exploration of the last years made by Trust», - Kovalev notes and adds that in such situation «it is obvious that archival funds of Trust should remain in exclusive city property». Kovalev asks the governor, whether archival funds of Trust GRII will be privatized and at what sum they will be valued.
Source: kvadrat.ru