Garugin: New underground line will make “Moskovskie vorota” and “Kirovskiy zavod” interchange stations

Instead of complex financial situation, Saint Petersburg Metro actively looks into the matter of station network development. The company which will deal with Krasnoselko-Kalininskaya line has already been selected.
As the head of state unitary enterprise "Saint-Petersburg Metro" Vladimir Garugin mentioned at press briefing, that year there had been organized a contest for designer of the next line of the city underground. Its winner was "Lenmetrogiprotrans", which till 2011 would provide the scheme of the new line connecting south-west districts of the city and Kalininskiy district. As Garugin explained that line would become "ring" in a certain sense as it would cross the number of already existing lines. In particular, it is planned that "Moskovskie vorota" and "Kirovskiy zavod" will become interchange stations.
Concerning metro development, Garugin made special emphasis on the fact that the company hardly made any profit, and they do not even think about profit, whereas they do not stop to invest into new stations, since that must lead to redistribution of passenger traffic but not its increase. According to Metro estimates because of the crisis the underground railway "undertransoprts" about 200-300 thous. passengers daily (out of estimations planned for this year).