13 customs-logistic terminals will built in the North-West of Russia

Within the framework of realizing the concept of transfer of customs registration to the places close to the RF border, in the zone of action of the North-Western Customs Board 13 customs-logistic terminals will be opened. This was declared during press-conference by the Head of the North-Western Customs Board Nazil Galikeev. At present in the North-West there are three customs-logistic complexes. One of them is functioning in Sebezhskaya customs office (the Pskov Region), another - in the zone of Vyborgskaya customs office action (the Leningrad Region) and yet another in Kaliningradskaya customs office. Building of the aforementioned terminals is performed by private companies. The average volume of investments into building the customs-logistic terminal on the border is about 800 mln. rubles.