The 24 metres mark of the Land use and development rules has not been changed

Members of Town Planning Board have accused the designers of the business-centre on the corner of Sinopskaya Embankment and Khersonskiy drive of forgery.
This happened when Architectural workshop "December, 32" was demonstrating the project of a business-centre 33 metres high instead of 24 permitted by the Land use and development rules at Town Planning Board of Saint-Petersburg.
In computer montages, presented to Town Planning Board, near the building in design stage the existing telephone station is shown. According to the experts' estimates, in the picture it is 28 metres high, but in fact it is 4 metres shorter. Such a simple technique makes the new object visually lower.
Dmitriy Lagutin, the author of the project, insisted on the fact that Sinopskaya Embankment was not formed yet and needed an architectural accomplishment. He was supported by the former chief architect of Saint-Petersburg Alexander Viktorov, saying that Land use and development rules are not a dogma, everything depends on the situation on the real territory.
But Town Planning Board declared against exceeding height, as well as the architecture which was called "neo-eclecticism ". The experts demanded to look at the whole land use plan of the block in the first place - it was promised to be made that month.
To get approval for exceeding height, the project of the house in Sinopskaya Embankment needs to be passed through the Land Use and Development Committee. Formally to go there one is not required to have prior approval of Town Planning Board. But, according to our records, investors will represent their exceedings to Town Planning Board from now on.