Expert: UNESCO protects 40% as bigger territory of Saint-Petersburg as municipal laws

One of the main tasks set before Saint-Petersburg branch of ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites), - maximally painless for Saint-Petersburg resolving of the situation with the territory and borders of historic centre of the city as object of World Heritage, declared the member of the Council of Saint-Petersburg branch of ICOMOS Oleg Ioannisiyan, informs ZAKS.Ru.
As the expert explained from the moment of including historic centre of Saint-Petersburg and its suburbs into the list of UNESCO a number of essential changes happened, firstly in municipal legislation regulating protective zones. It turned out that the existing laws in Saint-Petersburg protect 40% less territory than is taken under the protection of UNESCO. "Bringing into correspondence the borders of the object of cultural heritage and the borders of protective zones - is one of our important aims", - stressed Ioannisiyan.
Vice chairman of Saint-Petersburg branch of ICOMOS Michael Milchik, in its turn, noted that that problem might be solved in two ways - either to look for a trade-off alternative with UNESCO, correcting the structure of the object as well as the municipal legislation, or to refuse from UNESCO protection and submit an application with reduced borders. The last variant, according to the expert, is dangerous because considering the new application may take years, during that time Saint-Petersburg will lose a number of key objects and territories.