The new intercepts parking opens near Leninskiy prospect

On September, 15th, 2010 in Kirovskiy district in St.-Petersburg the new intercepts parking with capacity of 190 lots starts to work.

The new car park is located around crossing of the Prospect of the People's Militia with Leninsky prospect, near to metro station and a railway platform "Leninsky prospect". Thanks to it, motorists, having left the vehicle on intercepting car park, can continue movement not only by the subway, but also by a rail transport that is distinctive feature of this Intercepts parking.

In the autumn when many of Saint-Petersburg citizens have returned from summer holidays, congestion of city roads has essentially increased. In this connection the organization of Intercepts parkings is an excellent way out for those who doesn't want to waste the time in traffic jams.

Now 1200 motorists a day can use Intercepts parking in St.-Petersburg.