Parliament of Saint-Petersburg has adopted amendments to the General Plan of the city in the first reading

As Interfax Information Service reports, at the meeting on June, 16 Legislative Assembley of Saint-Petersburg has adopted in the first reading the law draft on introduction of changes into the General Plan of the city, according to which it is supposed to create reclaimed lands on the territory of Kurortniy district.
According to the amendments, in the Gulf of Finland on the northern shore of Neva Bay there are allocated two sites for land reclamation 310,03 he and 66,89 he in area. It is assumed that the sites will be used for housing construction, for building cultural and business complexes and social objects.
The area of residential development of the reclaimed land will be about 180 he, housing stock - 1,95 mln sq. m, about 40 thous. people will be able to live here. It was mentioned before that the reclaimed land besides Kurortniy district would include part of Primorskiy one as well and would begin on the east of Lakhta settlement. Total area of the territory will be about 400 he. The works are supposed to be finished in 2015.
According to the plans, territory of the Gulf of Finland, where the reclaimed land will be situated, will be passed under the supervision of the city authorities in 2010.